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TANSUN, China Partnership Agreement Signing

Fintechnology Asia Pacific (FINAP) has taken another step towards its progress towards becoming an inclusive and broad base financial technology solutions provider on the 11th May 2019. FINAP has been entrusted as the China’s fastest growing FinTech company TANSUN Technology Corporation’s sales and implementation partner in South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Pacific regions. The agreement was signed in Beijing, China between TANSUN’s Mr Robert Lee, Senior Vice President and FINAP’s Executive Director Mr Kutila Pinto.

TANSUN Founded in year 2003 in China, focus on providing IT solutions & services to a wide customer bases in the financial services industry. This includes but not limited to Central Bank, State-owned Banks, Joint-ventured Banks, Local city & rural commercial Banks, non-banking financial institution (e.g. insurance companies). Tansun was honoured as one of the leading, fastest-growing and most energetic with highest spirit of creation in Fintech companies in China by international data corporation

Tansun built its solid foundation in both product and customer services within the last fifteen years. The trust extended by TANSUN’s customers and complemented by 4000 plus hard working team has supported TANSUN to keep a high growth rate of over 50% in the last 5 years. They provide technology and solutions to 300 bank & non-bank customers in and around 100 cities in China.

The partnership between FINAP and TANSUN is a meeting of common ambitions and values. FINAP, a Sri Lankan based FinTech has made steady progress in the areas of, CORE Banking (for banks, finance companies and micro banks), digital banking (Internet banking, Apps & USSD and Wallets) and innovations in the digital disruption. FINAP’s very own SaaS driven Micro Finance solution ECORU has earned many commendations by early users. Most recently, FINAP has given the technological base to YouCab and Sytrans, one Sri Lanka’s most advanced and secure digital taxi operations and the premier cargo operations. Further, FINAP’s extensive technological development efforts in working with Sri Lanka’s best and the most advanced supermarket giant has made it very clear that, FINAP is striding towards taking their products global soon. FINAP’s vision is to be the most accepted Financial Technology Company in Asia Pacific by 2025, famous for its Economical approach, Agility, Scalability and dedication to corporate social responsibility. FINAP shows all signs of their core belief that, collaboration will produce superiority and provide scalability.

Along with the rapid-growth of FinTech, the concept of Inclusive Financial System has been widely accepted in the world and especially in China. The Inclusive Financial services are any-where, any-time and to anybody in the world, and this trend is impelling the big change and big development in the Financial and non-financial sector forever. FINAP, recently recognised as APAC CIO’s hottest 25 Fintech companies for 2018 has seen the strength that TANSUN brings to the world of FinTech with their enourmous experience in China, a country that has broken all stereotypes to be the leader in FinTech.

FINAP is currently finalising the extension of TANSUN technology to the focus areas and is currently in discussions with key players in the Banking and non-banking sector to deliver superior technology in to their Assets, Credit, Technical, Operating layers and Risk areas. The wide array of well accepted solutions and platforms by some of the world’s largest and most efficient banks are now ready to be introduced in South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Pacific regions. FINAP has also negotiated with TANSUN to provide their best of its class data centres to specific markets to provide these markets with modern technological operations and scale.

Tansun Technology is aiming at improving efficiency, lowering cost, controlling risk when servicing its customers like financial industry, enterprises, and end-consumers. TANSUN and FINAP will assist banks and non-banking operations to go through a series of innovation not only in product, channel, business-flows, re-organisation, also in final innovation in user experience and new business models. TANSUN and FINAP has committed themselves to build a Fair and Inclusive Financial World on the foundation of their digitalised financial systems and continuous innovation.

At a time, Sri Lanka is rapidly moving towards becoming a financial, investment and technological hub, the partnership between FINAP and TANSUN is a strong booster of country’s ambition.