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Fintechnology Asia Pacific: Striding Toward a Smarter Banking Future

We are proud to announce that Fintechnology Asia Pacific ( Pte ) Ltd recognized as 25 hottest Fintech Solutions Provider in 2018 by APAC CIO Outlook Magazine, Silicon Valley, USA.


FINAP signs MOU with Bartleet Electronics

Fintechnology Asia Pacific Lanka (FINAP) recently signed a MOU with Bartleet Electronics (a part of Bartleet Innovative Technologies) with the purpose of developing a strategic partnership to market the FINAP Micro Banking platform to banks and other financial institutions.


Innovation at it’s Pinnacle

As a tech-lab of idea incubation, FINAP Innovation Hub is the solution for future business and human needs. Built on the philosophy of ‘socially responsible innovations’ this platform is designed to make work life easier and more efficient. It also has the ability to facilitate industrial development, enhance global employment and improve lifestyles in the long run.


Bringing Banking to your Finger Tips

FINAP DFS is designed to offer safer, faster and a more reliable solution for daily banking. This brand new user experience facilitates the way for banking at the fingertips. It comes with multiple layer features that help streamline online banking, mobile banking and agent banking (APP & USSD) processes for present and future consumer demands.


FINAP B+F to Revolutionize the Banking Sector

Designed to further revolutionize the banking sector of Sri Lanka, FINAP is an agile solution for banks and financial institutions whereby it allows them to gain a competitive edge in the industry.