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Welcome to Finance in a Digital World.

Today’s leading financial services companies are operating in a new and more complex environment; one where the fundamental definition of how customers experience financial services is being challenged and redefined.

To succeed in the digital world, financial institutions no longer have choice but to innovate to be more competitive, more efficient and provide more customer choice.

With OCEANUS Digital Finance Solutions (DFS), a scalable, secure and highly modular software solutions and products, we enable financial institutions to implement their financial services strategy effectively, quickly and cost-efficiently.

Improving operational efficiency

Scale up fast for early success

Wider service offering

Personalized customer interaction

OCEANUS DFS offers financial institutions the opportunity to telescope their appetite for innovation and create powerful new business models that enhance bottom line performance for customers and shareholders.

Why OCEANUS DFS for your Business

The OCEANUS DFS advantage

OCEANUS Digital Finance Solutions (DFS) is an entirely new user experience. OCEANUS DFS is faster, safer and highly reliable series of solutions for everyday banking and payments. OCEANUS DFS presents the convenience of banking at your fingertips. OCEANUS wallet offers the most user friendly and facilitative domestic payment support product that every financial institution would aspire. OCEANUS DFS offers a unique USSD/APP based solution for current and future demands. A best-fit solution for banking, finance, payments, financial inclusion and banking the unbanked.


FINAP - Fintechnology Asia Pacific is a highly innovative software services provider, systems integrator and technology provider, established to provide leading edge intelligent technical solutions and consulting services to cater various business segments particular emphasis on the Financial Services industry around the globe.

FINAP’s banking solutions are developed using cutting-edge technology to empower you as you step into the future of the digital finance era. FINAP focuses on a simplified yet flexible approach that is open for adaptation. Its solutions portfolio includes:


  • Oceanus Digital Banking Solutions
  • ECOru Microfinance Solution
  • FINAP Middleware
  • FINAP Transport App
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